The Versatile Blogger Award!

I took me a long time to pluck up the courage to write online and not in my wildest dreams did I Imagine that people might actually read it, but I suppose here we are. The community on here is so amazing and encouraging I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you so much Nick for nominating me! Here’s to replaying that kindness.


– You have to thank the person who nominated you, providing a link to their blog.

– Link the nominees and inform them of their nomination.

– Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice.

– Share 7 facts about yourself.

My 7:

  1. I suppose there is a lot you could say about me but by far the most important one is that I am a Christian. I believe in God the father, son and holy spirit. Being with God and getting to know him has brought so much joy and love to my life that it cannot be explained with words.
  2. My ambition is to be a journalist, to go to places that others are afraid to and places that people don’t know exist. To write about the places and people who live there, then share it with the world. It’s a biggie I know, ,especially if I am wanting to get paid for it.
  3.  I have such a broad range in music tastes, top 5 most played songs on my phone right now are: Dancing in the moonlight (Toploader), Bad Medicine (Bon Jovi), Good Good Father (Chris Tomin), A kind of Magic (Queen), Rock you like a Hurricane (Scorpions). But of course they all have to be nice and loud, much to my neighbours dislike.
  4.  Currently I am in my first yeah of university studying English Literature. Books, I know but actually I love it! When you get a really good book you can escape to another life, to live the life of the characters being something or someone different even if it is only for a while.
  5.  Words are my passion and as you might have already guessed I like to use a lot of them, so don’t ask me a question if you don’t want a detailed answer 😉 that’s both speaking and writing.
  6. My university halls is at the top of a massive hill! This may not seem like a fact about me but I have to walk up and down it every day, usually twice and it kills me every time. I am hoping that by the end of the year I can jog up it (no really I have seen people do that) a long shot but if I can just not look like a tomato at the top I’ll be onto a winner.
  7. Okay so final fact, better make it a good one. I have always wanted to stand where the rain stops and begins. I know that it is a long shot but to just be stood there half wet half dry would be so cool!

The Nominees:

Point to Paradise    ,   The Enlightened Diabetic    ,    Robynn Abroad      ,    This Darling Adventure    ,    some_bucloic_hut

Okay so yes I can count and I know that is not 15 nominations. As I am very new to this I have not had the chance to look at lots of people’s pages and so don’t know that many bloggers however I have nominated some of those I have read and loved!


6 thoughts on “VBA

  1. Thank you very much for the nomination! Your 7 facts are raw and real, very refreshing to read! And yes, I am amazed by the support and encouragement this blogger community pours out. Truly awesome!

    Continue to let your happiness lead you to your passion, your passion lead you to your hardwork, and your hardwork lead you to your success.

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    1. People in my home town used to say that Christianity was dying out and I tended to believe them as it was very rare to meet someone under 50 that was. However since coming to university I can say that there is no way we are dying out! There are so many young Christians here that I can scarcely believe it and it is always so great to meet more!

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